Good Light Group promotes the use of nutritional light

Several hours of nutritional light each day provide people with a better quality of life. A sufficient amount of good quality light during day time aids concentration, learning, creativity and alertness. It also supports better sleep quality. It makes us feel better and is responsible for fewer problems with vision. It is vital that people get enough light every day. The best light to achieve these effects is natural daylight. For the many people who spend most of their time indoors, electric light needs to have the same beneficial effects as daylight.

Nutritional light is natural daylight or electric light with beneficial effects on the human body and brain. In order to obtain nutritional light indoors, light levels need to be significantly higher and more dynamic than the current indoor lighting settings tuned only for vision.

Good Light Group supports well-being

The Good Light Group will communicate the benefits of daily doses of nutritional light. It aims to achieve its goal by stimulating the use of attractive, pleasant, effective and sustainable nutritional light in buildings, and by demonstrating its beneficial effects

The Good Light Group is a foundation and facilitates global cooperation between knowledge institutes, professionals designing indoor environments and interested organisations. Support is welcome from companies interested in the benefits of nutritional light and companies developing components and practical solutions for nutritional light designs.

The Good Light Group activities are:

  • Create awareness about the well-being effects of light
  • Promote nutritional light projects
  • Stimulate knowledge development around nutritional light

These activities will lead to improved indoor lighting practices and more people enjoying the benefits of nutritional light indoors.